The Altruistic Alcoholic: Passenger kicked off flight for trying to sneak drinks into economy


Sharing your freebies with your friends is nothing but commendable, however sometimes rules and regulations may stand in your way. A passenger on an American Airlines flight found himself in such a situation. After being bumped up a class on his flight, the man suddenly found himself in first class being served free pre-departure drinks. Apparently the passenger had strong loyalty to the two friends he left behind in economy, as he decided that they needed a free drink too!

Smuggling the drinks

After downing his first pre-departure drink the passenger was ready to hatch his plan to supply his mates. He tried to order two more drinks but was told that he could only order one drink at a time. The quick thinking passenger quickly responded saying that the second drink was for the lady sitting next to him, officially launching the prohibited side of the operation.

He then claimed he needed to use the bathroom, to which the flight attendant once more stopped him and explained that he needed to use the first class bathroom. The plan was failing, but in his final determination, the passenger texted his mates to tell them to pretend to use the bathroom and approach the first class area of the plane. The flight attendants had started to become frustrated with his lack of respect for the airlines regulations, and swiftly sent his friends back to their seats.

The airline strikes back

After some stern words from the flight attendants, a representative of the airline boarded the aircraft and left with the passenger for a talk. The passenger was then asked to leave the plane, and returned once more to retrieve his cabin bag before exiting for good. The friends of the problematic passenger were allowed to remain on the flight, although they never got their free drink.

Things weren't all bad for the removed passenger, as he was offered a seat on the next flight, however he choose to receive a full refund for his missed flight instead. Maybe next time he should just buy a round of drinks?

What about the other passengers?

The flight attendants weren’t the only ones to have a difficult time as a result of the incident. The whole flight was delayed while the passenger was dealt with, this creates inconveniences for everyone on board. Under EU regulations, delayed passengers can be entitled to as much as 600 euros in compensation! At flight-delayed, we specialise in protecting passengers rights under EU regulation. If you have been delayed in the last 6 years, you can check to see if you are entitled to compensation using our free flight checker! If you then decide to submit a claim with us to get your compensation, this is on a no-win-no-basis (so you can’t lose money). Free money is worth claiming right?