Here is what you can do if your flight has been overbooked
We regularly encounter cases where passengers have been denied boarding because the aircraft has been overbooked. Can the airline do this? Yes, but of course not without consequences. The airline must compensate you for the seat that they’ve sold you, but
How safe is a flight during a storm?

How safe is a flight during a storm?

  Now, in autumn and winter, the weather becomes more uncomfortable and storms and thunderstorms occur more frequently. This often results in delays or even flight cancellations - but what happens if an aircraft is caught in a strong storm during the flight? Is that safe?   Pilots are trained for bad weather conditions   Pilots complete a long and difficult training before the ate allowed to fly a plane.
Top 5 most beautiful castles in Germany
Fairytales and castles are probably not some of the elements that you’d associate most with Germany. It’s automotive industry, Oktoberfest and perhaps sausages would come to mind faster than imposing and magical medieval structures.