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Top 10 most unsafe airlines: British airlines perform well

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

<p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Last week, Ryanair was discredited by being accused of disregarding flight safety for commercial benefit by flying planes with near-empty fuel tanks. In addition, the Dutch company KLM was criticized of the same behaviour by politician Farshad Bashir. We therefore decided to present you with a list of the safest and most unsafe airlines to see how well British airlines perform. This list is published every year by a German company called Jadec.</strong></p><p style="text-align: justify;">The list includes the sixty largest international airline companies, and is based on the number of incidents with airplanes from these airlines.&nbsp;It turns out British airlines perform reasonably well in terms of safety.</p><p><img alt="" src="/uploads/2015/9/top-ten.jpg" style="width: 240px; height: 240px;" /></p><h2>Top 10 safest airlines (containing no British airlines):</h2><ol> <li>All Nippon Airways</li> <li>FinnairCathay</li> <li>Pacific Airways</li> <li>Etihad Airways</li> <li>Hainan Airlines</li> <li>JetBlue Airways</li> <li>Emirates</li> <li>Virgin Blue</li> <li>Air Berlin</li> <li>Air New Zealand</li> </ol><h2>Top 10 most unsafe airlines (also not containing any British airlines):</h2><ol> <li>EgyptAir</li> <li>TAM Airlines</li> <li>China Airlines</li> <li>Air India</li> <li>GOL Transportes A&eacute;reos</li> <li>Garuda Indonesia</li> <li>Korean Air</li> <li>Turkish Airlines</li> <li>Saudi Arabian Airlines</li> <li>Philippine Airlines</li> </ol><h2>Complete list of all sixty airlines that were monitored.</h2><ol> <li>All Nippon Airways</li> <li>Finnair</li> <li>Cathay Pacific Airways</li> <li>Etihad Airways</li> <li>Hainan Airlines</li> <li>JetBlue Airways</li> <li>Emirates</li> <li>Virgin Blue</li> <li>Air Berlin</li> <li>Air New Zealand</li> <li>Quantas</li> <li>Lufthansa</li> <li>British Airways</li> <li>EVA Air</li> <li>Transaero Airlines</li> <li>TAP Portugal</li> <li>Thomas Cook Airlines</li> <li>Virgin Atlantic Airways</li> <li>EasyJet</li> <li>Southwest Airlines</li> <li>WestJet</li> <li>Qatar Airways</li> <li>KLM</li> <li>Air Canada</li> <li>Thomsonfly</li> <li>Delta Airlines</li> <li>Singapore Airlines</li> <li>Ryanair</li> <li>United Airlines</li> <li>Swiss</li> <li>AirAsia</li> <li>Malaysia Airlines</li> <li>China Eastern Airlines</li> <li>Alitalia</li> <li>Aeroflot - Russian Airlines</li> <li>Jet Airways</li> <li>LAN Airlines</li> <li>American Airlines</li> <li>Air France</li> <li>Air China</li> <li>US Airways</li> <li>Alaska Airlines</li> <li>Asiana Airlines</li> <li>Japan Airlines</li> <li>Iberia</li> <li>China Southern Airlines</li> <li>SAS Scandinavian Airlines</li> <li>South African Airlines</li> <li>SkyWest Airlines (USA)</li> <li>Thai Airways International</li> <li>Philippine Airlines</li> <li>Saudi Arabian Airlines</li> <li>Turkish Airlines</li> <li>Korean Air</li> <li>Garuda Indonesia</li> <li>GOL Transportes A&eacute;reos</li> <li>Air India</li> <li>China Airlines</li> <li>TAM Airlines</li> <li>Egyptair</li> </ol><p>Source: Jadec</p>