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KLM to charge for checked baggage

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Amsterdam - Have you booked a KLM flight and are you planning on bringing luggage? You may be charged extra, starting soon. The airline will be charging two different rates: one for passengers who register their baggage online, and one for those who come to the airport without having pre-registered their baggage. 

So when booking a flight with KLM, you will have to take additional expenses for both hand and checked luggage into account. The new regulations take effect starting April. The rate for online registered luggage will be 15 euros; for baggage that hasn't yet been registered the rate will be 30 euros. KLM-Air France Frequent Flyers need not fear additional fees: they are exempt from the new regulations and can take luggage cost-free.

Charging extra for baggage has long been standard practice in the US, and the trend has been on the rise in Europe as well. Budget airlines such as Ryanair have been doing so for quite a while now. By separating the costs of plane tickets and those for baggage, prices for many European destinations will be able to be lowered.

In some cases, travelling by air will become less expensive – unless you want to take luggage with you, that is.If you do want to take luggage with you when flying with KLM, becoming a Frequent Flyer member may be well worth the trouble, according to TicketSpy (the company that first announced this news). A spokesperson for Air France-KLM also commented, saying that many new Frequent Flyer customers are expected to join in the next few months.

Written by: Flight-Delayed