Iberia to use NFC technology for check in procedure

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

With the introduction of Near Field Communications (NFC), Samsung, the electronics brand, and Spain's national airline Iberia want to improve and simplify the check in and boarding procedures at airports. In the future, check in and boarding will be much faster and simpler, due to this new technology.

All travellers with a Samsung smartphone that supports NFC can soon pass security checks and boarding gates, even if their telephone is switched off. The relevant travel information would need to be downloaded on the phone first. The technology is simple: the passenger holds his cell phone near the NFC scanner, which then reads the required data and confirms the boarding or check in with the airline.

Iberia predicts that the technology will be facilitated by the majority of airports in the future. The new system is much faster than traditional scanners and also safer, because only the person who carries the phone can retrieve and use the ticket. Furthermore, the phone must be no further away than 14 cm from the scanner in order for the NFC data to be read.


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