Air India Boeing 747 landing

Family misses wedding in India due to 48-hour delay in Birmingham

Friday, February 13, 2015

More than 230 passengers were stranded at Birmingham airport last Friday as Air India first delayed then completely cancelled a flight.

According to an Air India spokesman, this incident was due to a technical glitch. However, no further details were provided and the passengers were left to themselves.

They were then directed towards the Holiday Inn near the Airport while others decided to return home. A few lucky passengers were able to board an alternative flight later that night while others were scheduled on a flight for the following day.

The remaining passengers had to wait until Sunday night in order to board a flight that then turned out to be delayed by 6 hours. Interviewed families reported that they would probably miss the wedding: they were invited to India due to the substantial delay. The original flight finally left Birmingham with a 48-hour delay.

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