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Wizz Air one of the first airlines to resume operations

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The airline has announced that it will resume work to begin increasing its capacity. The company confirmed that it will operate holiday flights from London to Portugal in mid-June and from London to Greece in early July. The restrictions on international flights in these countries have not yet been completely lifted. The company is now acting in the hope that the crisis will gradually be resolved in Europe and that a small number of flights will be allowed during the summer months.

New in-flight rules: all passengers must wear masks

Although Wizz Air has said that the health of his aircraft will be a priority, it has also assured that the crew on board will wear the necessary protective gear: masks, visors and gloves. As for the passengers, they will have to wear a mask at all times. When boarding the plane, passengers will also receive disinfectant wipes.

KLM has joined the introduction of safety measures by publishing that the use of masks on their flights is completely mandatory as of May 11.

One more measure: items that could previously be "shared" between travellers, such as magazines or menus, will be strictly prohibited.

Wizz Air to start flying soon

Wizzair: we will not leave the middle seat empty

According to Alexandre de Juniac, director-general of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), there is no evidence to determine that leaving the middle seat free will increase passenger safety. Therefore, Wizzair will continue to fill the gaps if there is enough demand to do so.

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