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Transavia France crew union calls for a strike from 13 to 17 July

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Travellers to and from France should expect more flight disruptions as the Transavia France crew union calls for strike action from July 13 until July 17. Passengers affected by cancellations and delays can claim flight compensation.

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Transavia France strike: what is the crew union asking for?

The Transavia France crew union is asking for better wages and better working conditions for Transavia France cabin crew members.

This is in line with the demands of employees of other airlines across Europe — recently, European holidaymakers have experienced cancellations and delays due to strikes in airlines such as Ryanair, KLM, easyJet, and others.

While the demands of some of the unions are met, others are not so lucky. Ryanair employees are planning to go on strike again in July as their fight has been fruitless. While, for now, this concerns only Ryanair employees in France and Belgium, unions in other countries are likely to follow the same path.

Continuing issues for French air passengers

The French air passengers have been highly impacted by the recent strike initiatives in the aviation sector. Most noteworthy, at the the end of June, employees of the Pairisian airports went on a long strike to fight for better wages and working conditions. The strike ended on the 8th of July, after the demands of the unions were met.

Can I get flight compensation if my Transavia flight gets delayed or cancelled due to the Transavia France strike?

Yes, you can, according to the EU261 regulation.

For you to be eligible for flight compensation, your situation must meet the following criteria:

a) Your flight was delayed by at least 3 hours
b)Your flight was cancelled last-minute (fewer than 14 days prior to the original departure date)

Additionally, in the event of a cancelled flight, you can claim a ticket refund if you did not fly in the end (you did not accept an alternative flight offered by the airline or were not offered one at all).

The amount of flight compensation depends on the distance of your flight:

flight compensation amount

How to claim flight compensation for my delayed or cancelled Transavia flight due to the Transavia France strike?

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We also help you claim for any unexpected expenses (e.g. a hotel room you had to book due to a last-minute cancellation).

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