Over half of passengers prefer alcohol-free flight

A flight free of any alcoholic beverages. 63 percent of the 6000 travellers polled by flight ticket search machine Skyscanner say they prefer a flight that doesn't serve alcohol. The main reason for this is that inebriated passengers can ruin a flight for other passengers, even though only 16 percent of passengers indicate that they consume alcohol on flights. A clear case of a few ruining it for the many – at least in the view of those polled. 

The website took the same poll last year. Interestingly enough, only 38 percent of those polled indicated to be pro alcohol-free flights then.

It recently became clear how much of a nuisance a passenger under the influence can be on an Icelandair flight. Co-passengers were so sick of the drunk that they taped him to his seat.

alcohol-free flight

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