Claim compensation for your flight booked with a travel agency

Did you know that no matter how you booked your flight, if it gets delayed or cancelled, you are entitled to flight compensation, even if a travel agency booked it for you? Check this page to learn more about how to claim compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight booked through a travel agency.

Can I claim compensation if a travel agency booked my flight?

Of course, you can. According to the European regulation EU261 on air passenger rights, passengers are always the ones receiving compensation, no matter who booked the flight for them.

How to claim compensation for my delayed or cancelled flight booked via a travel agency?

This depends on the information you have. To claim compensation, you need to be able to prove that you were, or were supposed to be, on the flight (in case of a cancellation).

To do so, here are some examples of documents you need to provide when submitting your claim:

  • Booking confirmation

  • Booking/reference number

  • Boarding pass

If you are missing this information, please ask the travel agency to provide it to you. Once you have them, you can start your flight compensation process by checking your flight in our free Claim Calculator.

Why claim with

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