Liquids allowed in carry-on luggage starting 2014

Monday, March 4, 2013

Brussels -- Starting 2014, larger amounts of liquids will be allowed to be brought as part of passengers' carry-on items. That was decided in Brussels on Friday. Until now, large amounts of liquids were prohibited from being brought on board due to terrorist threat. The restriction is set to be lifted before the end of 2016, on the condition that experiences with the new regulations in the months to come are positive.Due to terrorist threats, air passengers have been prohibited from bringing unlimited amounts of liquids on board for years. Certain liquids are even prohibited to be brought as hand luggage entirely, where passengers are allowed to take certain other liquids with them in plastic bags of 100 ml.

vloeistoffen in handbagage

Until 2014, current rules regarding liquids in carry-on baggage will remain unchanged:

  • gels and liquids may be brought on board as long as packages do not exceed 100 ml;
  • liquids must be brought in clear plastic packaging;
  • until 2014, one clear plastic bag per passenger may be brought on board;
  • the contents of clear plastic bags/packages cannot exceed 1 litre;
  • clear plastic bags/packages must be resealable;
  • baby food and medication are exempt from these rules, if necessity of these items can be proven.

Rules liquids in hand luggage up until 2014

The regulations specified above for bringing liquids in hand luggage are applicable to all passengers flying from or changing flights on an airport within the European Union. Some airports, like Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, may impose specific rules for liquids being brought from outside the European Union.

New rules liquids in hand luggage

Starting 2014, regulations for bringing liquids in carry-on luggage will become less strict. From January of that year, you will be able to bring baby food, medication and for instance diet products on board without issues. If you buy perfume, gel or liquor at the airport (after the security ports), you will also be allowed to take it with you when you change flights.The European Commission had plans to make regulations less strict back in 2011. At the time, the scanning devices that were meant to detect explosives in liquids weren't reliable enough or fast enough yet.

Pocket knives and sports equipment allowed in hand luggage again

Safety regulations will also become less strict throughout the United States. Since September 11th, certain items, such as knives, are prohibited from being brought on board as hand luggage. Soon, pocket knives (of up to 6 cm) and sports equipment like billiard cues, souvenir baseball bats and hockey sticks will be taken off the list of prohibited items. The American Transportation Security Administration announced that.Written by: Team Flight-Delayed