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When are you entitled to flight compensation in the UK?


Compensation for delayed flights, cancelled flights, re-routing and denied boarding is legally arranged by the European Parliament. The problem is that almost nobody knows about it. You can get money back from the airline, in the amounts of EUR 250, EUR 400 or EUR 600, as compensation for your disruption. Only a few percent of passengers claim this money. This is to the satisfaction of the airlines because, on a yearly basis, they should pay around three billion euros . Does this shock you?  Well every year 500 million air passengers (in Europe) suffer from flight delays and cancellations. In total 30 million people are entitled to flight compensation.


Are you one of them? Then you have to assert your rights and claim the money from the airline. Although they have to pay you, often they don’t. 95% of all first claims are denied by airlines. Subsequently a process with jurisdictional letters follows. Most passengers will stop and won’t continue to pursue their flight compensation.


We inform passengers of their rights when their flights has been disrupted. We help them with claiming their flight compensation and make sure they have all the tools at their disposal to get their money. Want to check if you are entitled to flight compensation? Just fill in your flight details here and in seconds you will know how much money you can get.


When am I entitled to compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight in the UK?


Just as in any other country in Europe, the United Kingdom must abide by rules established in Regulation EC 261/2004.  This means that you will be entitled to claim compensation if:


  • You were departing from any airport located in the UK.
  • You were arriving at any airport in the UK and you were flying with a European airline.


However, you will be entitled to said compensation if the reason for your delay cannot be considered an extraordinary circumstance. This is also established in the regulation. When assessing if an extraordinary circumstance has occurred, the event that caused the disruption must be outside of the airline’s sphere of influence.


How much money do I get in the UK for a flight's disruption?


Just as stated above, the amount is determined by the regulation and therefore the amounts are in euros. The distance of your flight's route will determine how much money you should receive as compensation. Do consider that an extraordinary circumstance will exempt the airline from having to pay compensation to its passengers. The total amounts are as follows:


  • EUR 250 for all flights up to 1,500 kilometres
  • EUR 400 for all flight within the European Union for more than 1,500 kilometres
  • EUR 400 for all flights within and outside the European Union between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometres
  • for all other flights you are entitle to EUR 600


Here is a handy chart to remember the amounts in GBP. These amounts may vary depending on the day's exchange rate.


how much compensation can I get for a flight delay or cancellation


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