About us

Whether you are going on holiday or on a business trip, a delay or cancellation is always annoying. Unfortunately, airlines generally refuse to pay the legally-required compensation to the affected passengers. Lack of knowledge, expertise and time are the main reasons for passengers to give up. For this reason, Yource, the parent company of Flight-delayed.co.uk and others, was founded in 2010. We help all travelers and tour operators claim compensation for delayed, canceled and overbooked flights. Yource is live in 9 countries and offers support in 8 different languages all under one brand. We take care of all communication with third parties and aim to bring all claims to a successful conclusion.

Bart de Jonge


Prior to founding Yource with Tom and Mario in 2010, Bart studied Business Economics in Amsterdam. He is now responsible for all of Yource’s finances, including the company budget, investments and the financial forecasting. He also monitors the operational processes and their efficiency and controls the product development.

Tom van Bokhoven


After finishing his BA in Utrecht, Tom moved to Amsterdam, where he earned a degree in Construction Management and started his entrepreneurship. Since founding Yource, Tom has been in charge of the strategy planning for the company and its websites, which include Flight-Delayed.co.uk and Vol-Retardé.fr. He also spearheads the international marketing and PR, and plays an important role in the company’s acquisitions (B2C and B2B). In his spare time, he is active in the Amsterdam startup scene.

Mario Wester


During his studies in Multimedia Design in Amsterdam, Mario started a business in web design and web development. As a developer, he built (back office) systems and applications for numerous companies. He founded Yource with Tom and Bart while studying Business Information Science. Mario now oversees the company’s IT processes and Business Intelligence for the international websites. This also includes the protection of client data and privacy.