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Amsterdam Schiphol airport best in Europe

<p><strong>Amsterdam Schiphol airport was once again ranked highest in the list of best airports in Europe. It&#39;s the second time in a row that Schiphol is named best airport in Europe. In the worldwide rankings, Schiphol was also given high ratings with a top 3 position, which is higher than last year. London&#39;s Heathrow came in at number 10.&nbsp;</strong></p> <h2>Travellers rank Schiphol best airport in Europe</h2> <p>Skytrax conducts a yearly poll of travellers, and like last year, voters ranked Amsterdam Schiphol Airport highest in Europe. A total of twelve million travellers from 100 countries were asked which airport is the best in the world. Travellers especially appreciated the airport&#39;s &#39;efficient and organized&#39; transfers and the large amount of shops and caf&eacute;s.&nbsp;</p> <p>Maarten de Groof accepted the award of Europe&#39;s best airport on behalf of&nbsp;Schiphol at the&nbsp;World Airport Awards in Geneva. It should go without saying&nbsp;the airport&#39;s Executive Vice President and CCO was delighted to receive the award: &#39;This award isn&#39;t just recognition for&nbsp;Schiphol, but also for our business partners&nbsp;&ndash; KLM especially&#39;.</p> <h2>World&#39;s best airport</h2> <p>During the&nbsp;World Airport Awards, the prize for best airport in the world was of course awarded as well. Schiphol also was a contender for this award; it was ranked 4th best airport in the world in 2012, and climbed to the number 3 spot this year.&nbsp;Singapore Changi Airport was the winner this year, with South Korea&#39;s&nbsp;Incheon International Airport coming in at a close second. London&#39;s Heathrow airport was ranked at number 10.</p> <h2>Top 10 best airports</h2> <p>Top ten best airports in the world, with Singapore Changi Airport in the lead:</p> <ol> <li>Singapore Changi Airport</li> <li>Incheon International Airport</li> <li>Amsterdam Schiphol Airport</li> <li>Hong Kong International Airport</li> <li>Beijing Capital International Airport</li> <li>Munich Airport</li> <li>Zurich Airport</li> <li>Vancouver International Airport&nbsp;</li> <li>Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)&nbsp;</li> <li>London Heathrow Airport&nbsp;</li> </ol> <p><strong>Bron: Skytrax |&nbsp;Written by:&nbsp;<a href="" target="_self">Team Flight Delayed</a></strong></p>