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Eating on a budget - How to save while travelling

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Food is a vital part of travel and is often said to be the best way to get to know new cultures. But where to find the best cheap and cheerful meals? Do you trust online reviews, ask the locals or leave it up to chance? Here are some tips on how to eat on a budget while travelling without missing out on local delicacies.

Eats the streets

Many countries are known for mouthwatering street food. Visit the local food markets and food trucks for the best culinary treats. Food markets are also cheaper than restaurant meals, making them perfect for the budget-minded traveller.

Splurge once a day

It’s all about the balance. Eating out three times a day will definitely blow your budget.The trick is to pick one meal a day to splurge on. If you’re going fancy for breakfast, opt for lunch from the local deli and a self cooked meal for dinner. Many hostels have communal kitchens allowing you to prepare your own meals.

Follow the locals

There’s no doubt about it, a local will know where to get the best meals at the best price. Stop a local on the street and ask them where they last took their family to dinner. This type of question will get you the more authentic answer.