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Severe turbulence injures 31 passengers

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Severe turbulence on board Etihad Airways flight EY474 has left 31 passengers injured. The A330-200 Airbus was en route to Jakarta from Abu Dhabi this Wednesday, when unexpected turbulence took pilots by surprise, less than an hour before landing.

The aircraft was able to land safely, whereupon nine passengers were taken to hospital. The remaining 22 were treated for minor injuries and shortly after released from the airport clinic. Travellers took to Twitter, describing the incident. Cabin storage areas were left damaged and the contents scattered across the aircraft.

As a result, the return flight EY475 from Jakarta to Abu Dhabi on the 4th May was cancelled. Etihad Airways has dedicated a support team to help passengers re-route their flights.

Written by: Flight-Delayed