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Air France cancellations

Friday, June 10, 2016

Air France is set to cancel up to 30% of flights on day two of the European football Championship that is taking place in France.

The cancellation comes after several pilot unions issued a ‘call for strike’. The Airline has taken pro-active measures and announced that their schedule will be disrupted.

The French carrier has advised customers to either travel today or postpones their trips until after strike action has ceased.

With no sign of  an agreement between Unions and the company, the long-running dispute over working conditions is set to continue and the strike is set to last from Saturday until Tuesday.

KLM, the Dutch airline that formed an alliance with Air France in 2004 has attacked its French partner for allowing a ‘destructive strike’, going on to state that the French pilot strike will “damage the reputation of the entire group.”

Air France Chief executive, Frederic Gagey said that the company offered a new proposal but it was rejected by the unions.

He added, “The airline will work to limit the impact on travelling football fans but Air France can only guarantee 70-80% of flights worldwide on Saturday.”

The industrial action will coincide with the start of Euro 2016 that will see games take place in various French cities.

Other sectors are also taking strike action over the proposed labour reform bill and that has left French authorities expecting turbulence during the opening stages of the event.