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Vladimir Putin delayed by more than 3 hours

Friday, October 21, 2016

Picture taken in IndiaHe may be a major player on the world stage, but even Vladimir Putin cannot prevent his flight from being delayed by more than 3 hours. 
The Russian President was on his way to India for a BRICs summit in Goa. However, his arrival was delayed due to poor visibility with thick fog in Bengaluru, preventing his plane from landing.
The Russian Premier was diverted to Mumbai as were other dignitaries that were arriving for the summit.  From there he completed his journey to the venue hotel on road.
 Some of the world's political elite were not the only ones inconvenienced by the thick fog. Regular flights to the airport adjacent to the naval base Mr. Putin was due to land at, were also diverted because of safety concerns.
According to reports, the delays had a knock-on effect for commuters at the Mumbai airport as police struggled to cope with the anxious crowds.