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Flight delayed because flight technicians call in sick

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Kenya have heard all kinds of reasons for why a flight might be delayed by three or more hours or cancelled altogether. 
The excuse from this particular airline is solid enough. A Kenya airways flight was cancelled when it was realised the flight technicians (those responsible for the safety of the aircraft) failed to show up for the job.
This is the latest flight delay incident to affect an African country, after well-documented fuel shortage in Nigeria caused flight delays to increase by 60%. 
If this had taken place in Europe and the airline responsible was European, the passengers would surely be entitled to flight delay compensation. 
As reported by local media, Kenya airways said, "Our technical team is a vital part of our business and we are working together to resolve any outstanding issues."
It is safe to say that passengers aboard the plane would rather have it safe and serviced. The next time you have a flight delay due to a technical fault be glad that the technicians did not call in sick that day.