Spanish airport staff unions to strike?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Last week we reported on the long queues Brits are facing in Spain. This week the situation has escalated even further. Airport staff unions across Spain are now threatening to strike for twenty-five days, stretched over a period of four months, if their pay requests aren’t met.

The strike is intended to take place between the 15th of September and the 30th of December, if no compromise is reached by the 16th of August. The strike days are thus set up to coincide with busy days of travel, such as during the holiday season.

Currently, the situation at Barcelona’s El Prat airport is not improving and passengers are still experiencing lengthy waiting times. Personnel of Eulen, a private business that operates security protocols at the airport, have been organising one-hour strikes at routine intervals during the last couple of days.

According to several Spanish news outlets, some British passengers have been arriving six hours before departure to the airport.