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Flight delayed? European airports perform poorly.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Flight delays can be quite aggravating, especially when you’re going on vacation or have an important business meeting. Unfortunately, the chances of a delay occurring are high, particularly if you are flying from, to or within the European Union, where approximately 27% of all flights are delayed. European airports also rank poorly on a worldwide scale. monitors about 16,000 airports worldwide, and we wholeheartedly agree with the publication of Eurocontrol. According to their top-20 worst performing airports in terms of flight delays, Europe isn't performing well. These conclusions are derived from the figures that were announced in 2010. A delay is included in the list when a flight is delayed for five minutes or more. Approximately 27% of all flights were delayed. This alarming figures has also drawn the attention of the European commissioner of Transport, Mr. Siim Kallas.

The top 20 list is dominated by two airports on the Canary Islands, with delay rates of 53.3% and 58.7% respectively.

Despite the alarming figures, these huge excesses can partly be explained. In 2010, Europe experienced a severe winter. Add to that, the volcanic eruption in Iceland and multiple strikes across the continent and the amount of delays are somewhat comprehensible.

In June, we will probably be able to draw conclusions on the figures for the year 2011.

Top-20 airports with most flight delays:

1. Airport Tenerife South
(Average. 53.3% of all flights is delayed, average flight delay 29.7 minutes)
2. Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
(Average 58.7% of all flights is delayed, average flight delay is 28 minutes)
3. New York, JFK (United States)
(Average 47.4% of all flights is delayed, average flight delay is 25.5 minutes)
4. Casablanca (Morocco)
(Average 56.3% of all flights is delayed, average flight delay 23.3 minutes)
5. Tunis (Tunisia)
(Average 58% of all flights is delayed, average flight delay 23.2 minutes)
6. London-Luton (Great-Britain)
7. London-Gatwick (Great-Britain) 
8. Malaga (Spain) 
9. Madrid-Barajas (Spain)
10. Faro (Portugal)
11. Lisbon (Portugal)
12. Manchester (Great-Britain)
13. Alicante (Spain)
14. Belfast (Ireland)
15. Porto (Portugal)
16. Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
17. Geneva (Switzerland)
18. Nice (France)
19. Berlin-Schönefeld (Germany)
20. Ibiza (Spain)

If your flight is delayed (8 or 12 hours or even more) or cancelled as a result of a strike, a volcanic eruption or for example due to a terrorist threat, you can rightfully appeal to your insurance.

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