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Passengers shocked by snake on a plane

<p>A 6-ft (1.8m) long scrub python was found clinging to the wing of an aircraft on a flight between Australia and Papua New Guinea yesterday. Unhappily for the reptile, the plane had already taken off by the time passengers noticed it. </p> <p>Nobody was able to help the poor snake, which was stuck in the wing flap. Passengers had to watch how the snake fought its battle against the height, the strong winds and the low temperatures. </p> <p>A Qantas spokesman said: "Halfway to Papua New Guinea passengers reported seeing a snake clinging to the wing."</p> <p>The adventurous snake, which can grow as long as 28 feet, was believed to have crawled onto the plane from scrubland or mangroves that surround the airport in tropical Cairns.</p> <p>Qantas said there was no impact on the safe operation of the aircraft due to the snake's presence, and the plane was cleared to resume flying after it landed in Port Moresby.</p> <p>Sadly, the snake didn’t survive the ordeal and was dead on arrival. </p><strong>Written by: Team Flight-Delayed</strong>

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