Puppy dog running

Puppy eats owner's holiday money

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A cheeky puppy almost ruined its owner's last summer holidays , when it devoured their holiday money.

The couple, Donna and Ben Lawson, was packing for their trip to Spain when they noticed their 400 pound holiday budget was missing. After searching high and low they eventually suspected their puppy dog. The family of four went on to the airport without the missing cash. At the airport Donna's mother called with the shocking news. The puppy had thrown up a large of the money which was still intact.

Upon return, Donna and Ben took the notes to the bank to deposit the cash safely. Meanwhile, puppy Murphy still hasn't learned his lesson. A few days later he swallowed a sock after which he had to undergo emergency surgery."Our little Murphy is insatiable" says owner Donna. The famliy will have to train the puppy to avoid future accidents.