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Facts about airport security checks

Monday, April 15, 2019

For the infrequent traveller, one of the most stress-inducing events in any trip is going through airport security and worrying about what it is you can take with you. The security checks are there for the protection of passengers and staff alike but the process of passing through an airport can be very taxing. Oftentimes, we are at the airport to start our holidays. We’re not supposed to be getting stressed out! Completely the opposite, in fact.

What are my rights when going through airport security checks?

Regarding the pesky scanner:

Did you know that you have the right to opt out of a walk-in full body scan? Yes, that is correct: you don’t need to go into the machine and get your body x-rayed or whatever it is that they do. You will have to go through another form of search however, at least a hand body examination or a very thorough pat down.

You can decide not go on with the scan, but you’ll probably annoy the security officers. Performing extensive searches takes longer and extends the lines of passengers waiting to go through the check-points. So, should you avoid the scanner? Well that’s up to you to be honest.

Another fact is that you have the right to receive a full explanation about the technology used to perform the checks. This right is granted by EU regulations and they say that you are entitled to the full information on the technology that is being used to screen you before you are allowed through.
Facts about security at airports

Your privacy is also protected during the security checks

The image produced by the scanner cannot, under any circumstance, be copied or stored and must be blurred as so you can not be identified. If you are, of course, caught breaking any law or threatening passengers’ safety, then these rights won’t apply.

One handy tip: The number of liquids you can carry onto a plane has to be limited to 100 ml and carried in a plastic see through bag. 

Why are airport security scanners necessary to begin with?

Although common sense dictates that we all know what we can’t take on a plane, people tend to forget or misinterpret the rules when flying. Of course, it goes without saying that scanners make vetting passengers quicker. As a reminder, here are a few things that the airport scanners are looking for. So make sure you've emptied your bag of them before you head to the airport.

The following items are prohibited from being brought on a plane: stunning devices, razor blades, knives, blunt objects such as baseball bats, firearms, crossbars, a catapult or any mines or grenades. Just to list a few.

As mentioned above, some passengers just make mistakes when it comes to packing. When doing so for a recent vacation with friends, 21-year Josh Reid not only accidentally grabbed his girlfriend's passport but also managed to clear security with it. Josh usually works as a bouncer and is rarely mistaken for a small brunette.

Questionable security methods. 

Josh cleared security without any problem and was able to board the plane without anyone noticing his passport. Completely amazed by this, he decided to involve British press. Ryanair, the airline in question, stated that a member of staff must have overlooked his documents upon check in. “It is however the passenger’s responsibility to travel with the proper documents.” said the airline. 

Luckily, Josh was able to board his flight back home using his own passport, sent to him via post by his girlfriend.

Pack sensibly and have a quick read on the rules and regulations when at airport security checks before you travel.

One more fact: you are entitled to compensation if your flight has been delayed or cancelled

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