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Don’t lose your luggage ever again — use a Luggage Tracker to avoid having a bad trip!

Monday, November 14, 2022

After long queues at the airport and an exhausting flight, the only thing you want to think about is either finally starting your dream holiday or getting to your cozy bed. But things don’t always go smoothly — especially if your luggage does not appear on the baggage carousel!

The Department of Transportation in the US has reported that in just the first half of 2022, nearly 684,000 bags were mishandled — damaged, delayed, stolen, or lost.

Shocking, right?

It is not surprising that sales of Luggage Trackers have considerably increased in the past few months.

Has your flight been cancelled or delayed?

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What is a Luggage Tracker?

A luggage Tracker is a small device, keychain size, that uses Bluetooth or GPS technology to allow you to track your luggage at any moment. Its small size makes it suitable for locating not only suitcases but also wallets, keys, and any other item you can think of.

All you have to do is place the device inside your suitcase, and the tracker will keep you informed about its location. With these gadgets, you can monitor your luggage from your phone. In case the airline loses it in the vastness of an airport, you will know where to find it!

Being able to locate your luggage at any time makes it worthwhile to buy one of these devices.

What are the most recommended trackers?

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the best-selling luggage trackers on Amazon.

Do you have an Apple or Samsung phone and love to use the official devices of those brands?

Then we think these are your best options:

Apple introduced the AirTag, a device launched in early 2021, whose popularity has been growing steadily. Right now, it is crowned as the most popular tracker on Amazon. Slightly larger than a coin, the AirTag works with a Bluetooth connection. To locate your lost luggage anywhere in the world, AirTag sends an encrypted BlueTooth signal to communicate with any Apple or Android device nearby, which allows you to track its exact location. It also has a year-long battery life and doesn't require you to carry your own SIM card or sign up for a specific plan.  

Samsung has also developed a specific tracker for users of its Galaxy devices. Samsung SmartTag works exactly as the AirTag, with the only difference being that if your luggage is far away, it only allows you to track it when a Samsung phone is nearby. While this is a disadvantage for this device, considering that Samsung Galaxy is one of the best-selling Smartphone brands on the market, it may not be too much of a problem.

Do you want a different option that can be connected to any device?

Tile, meanwhile, has its tracker version. It is the second best-selling tracker on Amazon, after AirTag. It has a range of action of 76 meters, and when it is further away, it also bounces off of other devices to give you its exact location. Its biggest advantage over the rest is that the battery life is around three years, much longer than any competitor.

Last but not least, we have this PAJ version that uses GPS technology. If you don't want to rely on random people walking by your suitcase to find it when it gets misplaced, the best option is to get a GPS tracker with an integrated SIM card. Among its advantages, it allows you to locate your luggage practically anywhere and to create safe zones on the map that warns you if the object gets out of them. Furthermore, its battery lasts up to 20 days with continuous use. Its main disadvantage is that it requires an extra subscription (approximately £4) to use.

Ready to choose your tracker?

Losing luggage is every passenger's worst nightmare. You don't know when you will get your belongings back or if you will even get them back at all!

Luckily, these trackers are a way to protect yourself from losing your luggage, so don’t forget to add one to your packing list!

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