Your air passenger rights are protected

When you fly inside the EU, fly with a European carrier or if your flight departs from the EU, your rights are protected by Regulation EC No. 261/2004.

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Claim compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight

You have the right to claim compensation for your delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight.

According to European Regulation EU261, if your flight was delayed, cancelled or if you were denied boarding, you could be entitled to flight compensation up to £520 per passenger, flight refund or both in certain situations.

The claim compensation amount depends on the distance of your flight.

When am I entitled to claim flight compensation?

Flight compensation is regulated and you must meet some criteria to be able to claim.

To be entitled to flight compensation:

- your flight must have been delayed by more than 3 hours, or,
- cancelled fewer than 14 days before departure.

In both cases, the airline must also be responsible for the delayed or cancelled flight to be able to claim flight compensation.

Learn more about your rights as an air passenger

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, you can claim flight compensation. You can find more information on the flight compensation amount according to the European Regulation on the table.

Did you know that if your flight has been delayed by over 3 hours or cancelled less than two weeks before departure, you're eligible for more than just flight compensation? You're also entitled to special assistance, including refreshments, meals, phone usage, accommodation, and transportation to and from the airport. Get the special care you deserve by simply contacting the airline staff at the airport.

Finally, you can head on to our more detailed pages about flight delays, cancellations, missed connections and overbookings if you wish to learn more about your rights as a passenger.

Indemnisation Destination & distance
250 € Flights up to 1500 km
400 € For all flight within the EU
400 € For flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km to or from an airport outside the European Union
600 € For all other flights

* Please note: in the case of a long-distance flight of over 3500 kilometres being delayed between 3 and 4 hours, the airline is allowed to reduce the compensation of € 600 by 50%.

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