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Network and punctuality


In regards to fleet size, British Airways is the largest UK airline with a total of 273 aircrafts. These planes operate on route to over 183 destinations.  However, concerning passengers carried, it comes in number two right behind easyJet. In 2016 the airline namely carried approximately 42.1 million passengers. In regards to their punctuality, this fluctuates, with an on time performance per hour of 74.56%.


What do I need to claim compensation from British Airways for my flight’s cancellation, delay or overbooking?


If your British Airways flight has been delayed or cancelled and you wish to claim for compensation, you will probably need at least one of the following documents. So please do keep a copy of all your travel documents: 


  • Booking confirmation
  • E-ticket
  • Boarding Passes
  • Passport or ID utilised to travel


What else do I need to claim compensation for a British Airways delayed or cancelled flight?


If your British Airways flight has been delayed, cancelled or overbooked you should always note the following information from the disrupted flight: 

  • Flight numbers
  • Flight dates
  • Airports of departures and arrivals
  • Scheduled departures and arrivals
  • Length of the delay (actual departure times and arrivals)


Something else that may be very useful when claiming compensation is to know the reason for the delay. Therefore, you should always ask British Ariways’ staff for the reason of your disruption. Specially in the scenario of a denied boarding incident.


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British Airways cancelled, delayed or overbooked my flight. When am I entitled to compensation?


If British Airways cannot prove that the root cause of your flight’s delay was an extraordinary circumstance you will be entitled to compensation. This means that the issue occurred due to a circumstance outside of the airline’s sphere of influence and responsibility. Terrible weather conditions, like a hurricane or snowstorm, are the perfect example.


We are here to make sure that they don’t avoid paying compensation without a valid argument. With years of experience and the right tools and technology, we will make sure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to. We will corroborate every argument that the airlines may use to avoid paying the compensation and we will even take them to court if necessary.


How much compensation do I get for a British Airways delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight?


As determined by Regulation EC 261/2004, the amounts are determined by the distanced covered in your booking. This is calculated based on the distance between your airports of departure and arrival (final destination):


  • EUR 250 for all flights up to 1,500 kilometres.
  • EUR 400 for all flights within the European Union for more than 1,500 kilometres.
  • EUR 400 for all flights within and outside the European Union between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometres.
  • For all other flights you are entitled to EUR 600.


Claim your compensation for a British Airways flight even if your initial claim has been rejected.


Claiming compensation from British Airways on your own requires knowing your rights, knowing if you are in fact entitled to it and back and forth communication with the airline. As carriers very often try to evade paying compensation, certain claims then even have to go to court. If you would prefer not to waste your time and test your patience, just let us know as we would be more than happy to assist you. 


With an elaborate database on actual flight schedules and weather conditions, years of experience and a 98% success rate in court, we're more than well equipped to take on your claim. Did we forget to mention our no win, no fee structure? If we need to take your case to court, we'll take on all of the risk and cover the legal fees. Only when you get paid will we charge a success fee. For more details, visit our Price List page.


Even if your claim has been rejected already, we will corroborate the information given by British Airways and go on with your case. Let us do all the hard work for you!


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Have you already checked if you are entitled to compensation via our calculator?  Have a look at our FAQ or contact us if you have any further questions!

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