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Airlines conceal billions from air passengers

Monday, May 14, 2012

European Court pronounces judgement on passenger rights

Luxembourg, 15 May. Since 2004, European airline companies have remained tight-lipped about air passenger rights. Following delays, cancellations and overbookings, passengers are entitled to compensation ranging from €250 to €600, but seldom receive this. This involves at least 1.5 billion Euro annually. The European Court will be pronouncing judgement today and is ready in 8 countries to help air passengers submit claims.

Airlines conceal billions from air passengersResearch from showed that it's not easy to get a refund. Approximately 95% of passenger requests are declined immediately. ‘Passengers don't know the legislation and, without legal knowledge and accurate flight details, are given the immediate brush-off by airline companies.' said Tom van Bokhoven, Co-founder of

European Court
The Advocate-General from the European Court in Luxembourg will pronounce judgement today to bring an end to the tug-of-war about air passenger rights. Passenger rights were determined in 2004 and 2010. However, airline companies seem to place themselves above the law and, to date, they've ignored the legislation. The European Commission also wants to put an end to this and probably at the end of 2012 will again conduct a campaign to focus attention on air passenger rights.

The problem
27% of all European flight traffic is delayed and the list of the world's poorest-performing airports is dominated by the Europeans. This means that this year too there's a big chance that many people will start their holiday with the nuisance of delays. Sometimes it's out of their hands but often it is the fault of the airline company. Reasons for delay include half-full flights being combined under the guise of technical problems. This leaves a flight full of passengers and the other plane can be hired out.
From today is taking the initiative to help deceived air passengers claim the refund to which they're entitled. is doing everything to conclude as many claims as possible successfully. If passengers are successful in claiming a refund, they're free to make a donation to support financially. Only a small amount is requested in advance to cover expenses.

Background information was established by three young entrepreneurs from Amsterdam and works with young people across Europe. Their goal is innovation and knowledge-sharing with young entrepreneurs. If you would like to know your entitlements, check out your flight here.