Heathrow airport

Flights from Heathrow: busiest day Heathrow in history

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heathrow Airport is gearing up for its busiest day ever, with thousands of extra passengers starting to leave London the day after the Olympic closing ceremony in August. 116,000 people are expected to depart on flights leaving from Heathrow on Monday. The airport expects to process 137,800 people, and 200,000 bags instead of an average of 150,000 on a normal day.

Special measures and additional facilities

Special measures are being put into place to deal with the high volume of spectators, athletes and the world's media. Heathrow opened a separate temporary Olympic terminal with 31 check-in desks to deal with the large volume of departures. Some 6,000 athletes started arriving at the terminal just after dawn, many of them greeted by volunteers wearing bearskin hats. There are also special facilities to make Paralympians' arrivals and departures as easy as possible, including lifts to reunite them with wheelchairs quickly on arrival and a wheelchair repair service. Other facilities include extra hoists, extra toilets, stretching equipment and ramp lifting devices.

Rights in case of delay on flights from Heathrow

Fingers crossed that everything will run smoothly during these busy days. If you encounter a flight delay, cancellation, re-routing or overbooking please be aware that you are entitled to a financial compensation.

If flight from Heathrow are delayed on this busiest day, check if you're legally entitled to financial compensation. You could receive a compensation for flight delays that occured up to two years back.

Source: BBC news