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Airport personnel Heathrow not prepared for Olympics

London – Heathrow airport is insufficiently prepared for the large number of passengers that will be travelling through the airport during the Olympic games, in spite of the extra airport staff that Heathrow has deployed for the event. This is stated in an independent report that is published today.

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With a peak on the 13th of August, millions of passengers, among whom Olympians, journalists and tourists will use the airport to visit London in the next few months. The British customs appear to have a lack of qualified safety employees, which raises concerns about security checks. Long queues are already a result, but these will increase further as the Olympics approach. Passengers will need to take possible delays into account.

Check if you're legally entitled to a financial compensation Last Wednesday, it was revealed that the British Army will have troops on standby in case the number of employees G4S, the security company in charge during the event, has available will turn out to be insufficient. 


British media reported earlier that G4S requested an additional 3500 soldiers. British authorities haven't confirmed any figures but have admitted that ‘the level of military support’ was revised.