Ryanair boarding plane

Ryanair: increase width of plane doors, fewer delays

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Soon you will be able to enter Ryanair aircrafts by just using one single door instead of two. Ryanair wants to equip its vehicles with wider doors, which would allow people to get on and off the plane more quickly to save both time and money. In any case, Ryanair expects it to ensure a smoother flow.

The intention is for new airplanes, which Chinese manufacturer COMAC is building for Ryanair, to be equipped with wider doors to enable two people to enter and exit the door simultaneously. Howard Miller - CEO Ryan Air - told The Guardian that 'this will save us minutes of time'. It is likely that the decision was also made in view of large amounts of compensations that have to be paid to customers if schedules are not adhered to.

The new plans are scheduled for 2020, when the first new aircrafts are intended to be ready. Eventually, all Ryanair-aircrafts will be equipped with wider doors.

Written by: Flight-Delayed