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Landmark ruling will mean payouts for holdups over 3 hours

Thursday, January 31, 2013

London - Landmark ruling will mean payouts for holdups of over three hours. The ruling has opened floodgates for hundreds of thousands of claims in not only the UK but across Europe as well. Airlines try to frustrate the process of filing compensation claims but may have to pay in the end. People can claim up to £480 per passenger for delays of over three hours and for cancellations.Families who have their holidays ruined by long flight delays will, at last, be able to claim compensation – thanks in part to Jeff Halsall. Halsall, a former economics and business teacher, encountered a 22-hour delay and decided not to let the airline get away with it this time. He filed a claim with Thomson, resulting in great success. This week, a judge in Staffordshire awarded him with £680.

Because most people are not that persistent, airlines often do get away with not paying out compensation. Regardless, they are in fact liable and we help passengers across Europe get what they are legally entitled to. Raymond Veldkamp of said "Most people just don't know that they are entitled to financial compensation. We estimate that only 7% of all passengers is aware."Passengers who try to get compensation without help usually just receive a standard response. About 95% of letters sent by passengers is rejected by the airline, and this is where passengers need help. Technical problems are the most-heard reason to not pay compensation. Although airlines want to let passengers believe the opposite to be true, technical problems are in most cases part of the operational responsibility of the airlines and do not count as 'extraordinary circumstances'.

Written by: Flight-Delayed