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Flights cancelled due to Iberia airlines strike

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Madrid -- Iberia airlines personnel commenced its second leg of strikes on Monday, following the initial strikes in February. As a result, over 1300 flights have been cancelled. This strike will last five days, as did the last one. Iberia's workers are irate at the airline's decision to make a large number of redundancies.

Iberia airlines: flights cancelled

1300 flights have been cancelled due to the strikes. Many passengers have been offered alternative flights, but this will not be possible for all passengers. Passengers who aren't offered alternative flights will be refunded for the price of their ticket. Because the previous Iberia airlines strike was scheduled in the UK holiday period, it came at a great cost. The United Kingdom is the largest supplier of tourism to Spain. The Spanish economy is said to have lost ten million euros a day due to the February strike.

Massive Iberia strike

IAG, Iberia airline's parent company, intends to fire thousands as part as massive cutbacks. Aside from Iberia staff, British Airways personnel has indicated that it will also go on strike in sympathy with their Spanish colleagues, as they agree the cutbacks are irresponsible.

The Iberia strikes will take place on the following dates:

  • current (second) Iberia strike: March 4 through 8
  • third Iberia strike: March 18 through 22

Written by: Team Flight-Delayed