'Al Qaeda' wifi network causes delay

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In October this year, a Wi-Fi network with an unsettling name led to a three-hour delay. The incident occurred during a flight between Los Angeles and London, after passengers noticed a Wi-Fi network named “Al Qaeda”. One of the passengers was searching for a Wi-Fi network when he discovered a hotspot with the name "Al-Quida Free Nettwork Terror". Despite the many misspellings, this caught his attention.

Three hours aground

Just before the plane was set to take off,  the passenger alarmed flight attendants. As a result, the aircraft remained on the runway for three hours. All passengers were instructed to turn off their phones and computers. The pilot confirmed a delay due to security reasons.

Perpetrator remains unknown

"It must have been someone on board the aircraft. This is a bad joke, obviously calling your Wi-Fi network Al Qaeda will ring alarm bells“ said a passenger of the flight. Security personnel conducted investigations, but the perpetrator was not discovered. Eventually the airline was allowed to take off.

Written by: Team Flight-Delayed.com