German airlines risk ban from UK airports

Friday, November 14, 2014

German airlines risk being banned from the United Kingdom should they refuse to comply with the new safety rules that are to be introduced this month. According to this new policy, Germany must disclose information on passengers in advance of a scheduled flight. This however violates the country’s strict privacy laws.

British and German authorities have entered into emergency consultations in order to appeal to the German Government  to loosen the data protection regulations. The policies are part of new anti-terror measures, to be introduced later this month and are designed to prevent current British and European jihadists from traveling back and forth to Syria and Iraq.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced in September already that various measures were being taken to prevent the entry and exit of jihadists. "Airlines must adhere to our 'no-fly lists, provide information on passengers and adapt to our security screening requirements. Full compliance is required if these airlines wish to further serve UK airports”

These safety measures apply to all airlines. However, German authorities refuse to comply. According to British papers, German airlines repeatedly refused to provide passenger information and now risk being banned from UK airports. These passenger lists do not only include the full names and passport numbers, but also addresses and credit card details.

Written by: Team