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Cathay Pacific flight forced to make emergency landing

Friday, September 25, 2015

A Cathay Pacific flight from Perth (Australia) to Hong Kong was forced to make an emergency landing Denpasar airport in Bali yesterday (Thursday 24th September 2015). Flight CX170 departed for Hong Kong shortly before midnight on Thursday when one of the engines shut down.

Passengers claim to have seen flames coming out of the side of the aircraft: “'Mid-flight, we heard a loud bang and the plane started to shake, all the lights went out and I looked to the window and we have just seen some flames and some sparks - the wing and the motor was on fire”. Cathay Pacific has yet to confirm these claims. An official statement by the airline said: “'Safety remains Cathay Pacific's highest priority. There was no fire on-board and no passengers or crew were injured. The airline is currently investigating the incident.”

The Airbus A330 was immediately diverted to Bali where it was met by fire services. Approximately 250 passengers and crew remain unharmed and have since been accommodated in hotels while waiting for a substitute flight.

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