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Bird strike delays easyJet flight to Edinburgh

Friday, October 2, 2015

Bird strike delays easyJet flight to Edinburgh

Around 150 passengers found themselves stranded this Wednesday (30th Sept) as their flight from Munich to Edinburgh was delayed overnight. The aircraft in question had suffered a bird strike on the previous inbound flight and was unable to operate. According to an easyJet spokesperson: "EasyJet took all possible action to minimise the impact of this situation for the involved passengers, providing them with hotel rooms, meals and regular updates. “ All passengers were booked on the first flight out Thursday morning and have since arrived safely in Edinburgh.

Bird strikes are a common occurrence. In 2013 the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reported over 1500 aircraft collisions with bird/bird flocks. Unfortunately, bird strikes are considered an extraordinary circumstance and flight delays / cancellations that follow these are not eligible for compensation.

However, easyJet handled the situation as smoothly as possible without causing passengers additional inconvenience. These are cases we like to hear about.

Written by: Flight-Delayed