Jet2 aircraft

Passenger banned for life after terrorising cabin crew

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A  Jet2 passenger has been banned for life after terrorising cabin crew during the flight. The 34-year-old was on a flight from Prague to Glasgow in June when he began threatening the cabin crew during the trolley service. According to a statement made by Jet2 the passenger continuously disobeyed directions and carried on to insult staff and fellow passengers.

Upon arrival in Glasgow he was met by the police, where he pleaded guilty to abusive behaviour and was fined nearly £1000 for disorderly conduct. He will never be able to fly Jet2 again.

Phil Ward, Director of stressed: “We will not tolerate people threatening to attack our cabin crew and showing no respect towards fellow passengers, who want to relax and enjoy their in-flight experience.”

This is not the first lifetime ban enforced by Jet2. In September alone, 14 passenger were banned from the airline for unruly behaviour during flights. This ruling acts as a counter measure to prevent rowdy behaviour that puts cabin crew and fellow passengers at risk. Airlines impose lifetime bans to set an example and reduce the risk of flight disruption caused by disorderly passengers.

Written by: Flight-Delayed