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The world's top 10 safest airlines

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A recent survey has revealed the top ten safest airlines out of over 400 carriers. Rankings are based on the airlines’ conformity with safety audits as well as recorded fatalities over the past decade. Here are the highlights.

10. Air New Zealand - The airline has not suffered any significant incidents in the past few decades.

9. Singapore Airlines - Known for high quality service, it is not only among of the best airlines in the world, but also the safest. The carrier has been accident free since 2000.

8. Emirates - Since its launch in 1985 the airline has become the fastest growing carrier in the world. Not one fatal accident has been recorded in 30 years

7. Finnair - Finland’s national airline may not be as well known as other scandinavian counterparts, but has one of the best safety records. The airline has not had any fatal accidents since the 1960s.

6. British Airways - Britain's largest carrier has not suffered any fatal crashes since 1976

5. Cathay Pacific - The Hong Kong based airline, known for its premium business class, has not suffered any fatalities in the last decade.

4. Etihad - The Abu Dhabi based carrier is one of the youngest airlines. Only a decade old but already remarkable in quality and safety.

3.EVA Air - Based in Taiwan, EVA Air is another unexpected candidate on the list. The airline has not suffered any major accidents since its founding in the 1980s.

2. Lufthansa - Germany’s main carrier has not suffered any fatal accidents since 1993

1.Qantas - The 93 year-old airline has not had a fatal crash since 1951.