Volcanic eruption ash

Fog causing flight chaos on Bali

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fog causing flight chaos on Bali

Passengers traveling between Bali and the UK face major flight delays and cancellations this week, due clouds of volcanic ash, coming from Mount Rinjani on the neighbouring island of  Lombok.

Indonesian authorities shut down Bali’s main airport Tuesday evening, not to be re-opened until Thursday morning at the least. The Neighbouring airports on Lambok and East Java have been closed for the same period. So far almost 700 international and domestic flights have been cancelled leaving thousands of passengers either stranded or unable to reach their holiday destination. This is not the first time that volcanic ashes have disrupted Indonesian airspace. Mount Raung in East Java caused massive chaos in July this year.

Volcanic ash can be extremely dangerous as it gets sucked into aircraft engines during a flight, causing engine failure. It remains to be seen when flights will be able to take off again.

Written by: Flight-Delayed