Malaysia airlines aircraft

Passengers injured as Malaysia Airlines flight is hit by turbulence

Monday, June 6, 2016

Malaysia Airlines flight MH1 was hit by severe turbulence after having left London, en route to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday (5th June).

The Airbus A380, carrying 378 people, hit a rough patch mid-flight, causing minor injuries to more than 30 passengers and six crew members.

Fortunately the plane was able to land safely in Kuala Lumpur where it was met by medical services and the injured passengers were immediately treated. Many travellers took to Social Media, posting images of the impact. Pictures show knocked over food trolleys and debris spread across the aisles and seats.

Turbulence is a common occurrence and is said to be the most common cause of passenger injuries during flights. According to reports, the Bay of Bengal, where to incident took place, is an especially turbulence-prone area.

Written by: Team Flight-Delayed