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Bmi may be forced to leave UK

Friday, July 1, 2016

Further to the fall out of the leave vote, British Midland Airways Limited (BMI) have announced that they may be forced to operate outside of the UK.
The Heathrow-based airline stated that it would continue to monitor trading and operating conditions, following the UK’s vote to end its EU membership.
The result of the vote brought into question the airline's ability and its willingness to continue working as a domicile in the UK.
BMI CEO, Peter Simpson said, "Should the dynamics that unfold prove too challenging for BMI regional to pursue opportunities, our base as a UK airline may have to be reviewed."
He added that any decision would not be taken lightly.
Other budget airlines, such as Ryanair, campaigned for Britain to remain a part of the EU and warned that a British exit from the Union would lead to job losses.
Rival airline easyJet have said that they are working on a number of options to continue serving all of its markets.
easyJet went on to state that the initial focus would be on negations for the UK to remain a part of the ECAA (European common aviation area) which allows for carriers to freely fly to and from member states.