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What does my insurance cover?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

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UK: Within the last 12 months there have been a number of high-profile terror attacks. These events have led to very serious questions regarding the safety of our travel. 
One insurance company has taken measures to reassure travellers by introducing a terrorism ‘add on’. An extra option to cover the cost if you are ever caught up in such a horrific event.
It is not a pleasant subject to discuss, but current world affairs have propelled it to the top of the agenda.
With the number of tourists affected by terror attacks rising, the industry felt the need to take action.
The ‘add on’ will not replace a day to day insurance but could cover the cost of evacuation if you're caught in a place that has just suffered an attack.
If you're concerned about travelling to a country that has just suffered an attack, then it might be possible to cancel or change your plans. That is, however, dependent on Foreign office's advice and the policy of your travel operator.
The new terror policy will not be applied across the board. An insurer will only cover you if the area you are travelling has recently had an attack and it happened within a set amount of time.
For more information contact your insurance company and consult the Foreign office website
Written by: Team Flight-delayed