Ash cloud nightmare

Britons set to relive ash cloud nightmare

Monday, September 5, 2016

ash cloud nightmare
UK: British air travellers are preparing to relive the ash cloud nightmare that disrupted travel plans in 2010. 
Fears, that a different volcano to that in 2010 could erupt, have been voiced by the Icelandic Met Office after they announced that the Katla volcano was expressing earthquake activity four times higher than normal.
National Air Traffic services and the Civil Aviation Authority are monitoring the situation in the hope that any potential ash cloud does not result in scenes similar to 2010 when high numbers of Britons were left stranded abroad.
As it stands, there has been no effect on UK airspace. However, if there were an eruption leading to a similar ash cloud to that of April 2010, it could see to a disruption of transatlantic air travel.
Katla is one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland but has been experiencing an unusually long interval between eruptions, with the last one occuring in 1918.