Are easyJet and Ryanair planning to fly away from the UK?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

easyJet fleet to be repaired in Malta
UK: In the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, budget airlines have been making moves to signal what their next step will be. 
Are the UK’s budget airlines planning on flying away?
Ryanair has announced that all 50 of its new fleet will be stationed outside of the UK. EasyJet has also taken the decision to move it's repairs to Malta.
Many airlines have and are looking into the possibility of obtaining  an operator's license from an EU country.
As it stands, the long-term and lasting effects of BREXIT (a British exit from the EU) are as yet unknown.
That leaves airlines based in the UK in a tricky situation. Without knowing the full extent of what will be negotiated by the UK Government, they are unable to make a concrete plan as to how they move forward.
If plans from the Scottish Government to drop air passenger duty come to fruition, then, that might act as an incentive to stay in the UK and continue to invest.
Ryanair Boss, Michael O’Leary, has said that if that is the case then he would “invest in Scotland the following day.”
If the Scottish set the trend, then the English might well follow, dropping the air duty in England, might take the but out of the bark of Brexit for the airline industry.
Along with possible the changing of legislation in Scotland, the low-cost carriers actions have yet to see a downturn in the number of routes being flown. Ryanair has announced that they will now serve Madrid from Newcastle, after a successful summer at the North- East airport.
The route will open for  summer 2017, by which time, there should be some clarity on what BREXIT means.