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Belfast International airport closes

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blurring image of passengers at the airport

A cargo aeroplane stuck on the runway at Belfast International airport has disrupted flights.

The runway was reopened at 9.00 BST and is operating at a shorter length than usual due to the cargo aeroplane still being stuck.

Delays are expected as the airport looks to deal with the knock-on effect.

The cargo aeroplane was forced to stop at the junction of both runways at the airport due to a number of burst tires.

It has been reported that airlines are currently working to get passengers onto flights and have advised them to travel to the airport as normal, check-in and see if their flights are still being operated.

easyJet have been forced to cancel a wave of arrivals.

Here are the latest information regarding flights to and from Belfast international.

If you have been affected by delays or cancellations, check if you are entitled to compensation. 

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