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Despite talk of a Hard Brexit, UK tourism gets a boost

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

UK: Big Ben in the early evening
Visitors to the UK from abroad have spent an extra £800 million in Britain, that is according to the latest figures. 
These are figures according to the National Tourism agency in its annual review. The boost in tourist spending in the UK is largely due to the tourism campaign from VisitBritain.
Domestic tourists added almost a £100 million to the UK’s tourism industry and it was in no small part due to the work of the ‘Home holidays are GREAT’ campaign.
 CEO of VisitBritain Sally Balcombe discussed the latest figures in a statement.
 “We want Britain to be top of people’s list as a ‘must go now’ destination, and we have an immediate and real opportunity to promote Britain as a great value destination, particularly in our long-haul, high-spending markets such as China and the U.S.” 
For the UK, tourism is a valuable business; £127 billion is ploughed into the UK economy each year due to tourism. It is the country's fourth-largest service export and is seen as a key economic driver for job creation.
The long-term growth looks set to continue if next year is anything like this one and the last. A total of £22.1 billion was put in UK pockets last year by foreign tourists.
This year has been encouraging for those relying on the travel industry to put food on the table. July saw an increase in visitors of 2% up to 3.8million compared with the same period last year.
A busy July coincides with the June 24th referendum (Brexit) and sees an uptick in visitors from the US. Trips from North America were up 5% to 580,000, air bookings from the US shot up by 10% in the 28 days after the vote.
Despite turbulent times because of the uncertainty caused by Brexit, Britain remains open for business. With its castles, museums, beautiful countryside and vibrant culture, the UK remains a must-see for both domestic and international travels.
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