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Fenerbache bird strike almost delays match

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Manchester airport
A private chartered plane carrying Turkish football team Fenerbahce was forced to make an emergency landing in Budapest, due to a bird strike. 
A second plane was sent from Istanbul so the team could continue their journey to Manchester, where they face Manchester United in the Europa league.
Bird strikes are currently a hot topic for those familiar with the legislation that regulates the aviation industry.
A recent court ruling deemed that bird strikes are not extraordinary circumstances. Therefore, an airline will have to compensate its passengers if they have been delayed by three or more hours as a consequence of a bird strike.
The Turkish side eventually landed in Manchester with plenty of time before kick-off at Old Trafford.
In a statement on twitter, the club said there was “nothing alarming” after the incident. Then they were promptly wished a safe trip from their opponents Manchester United.
The Turkish side went on to lose the match 4 - 1.