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Breathe in: British airways add extra seat to each row

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A fleet of British airways plans on the apron
British airways have taken measures to ensure that its passengers are even more uncomfortable during flight delays. 
The British airline will be adding an extra economy seat into every aisle of its aircraft.
Think back to the last BA flight you were on that suffered from a delay. Yes, you successfully claimed flight delay compensation with, but you were stuck for hours in a metal tube on the apron.
Now, flight-delay situations for passengers are already uncomfortable, and will become ever so slightly tighter with the adding of an extra economy seat to each aisle.
A spokesperson for the airline told the Daily Express, “We are flying more customers than ever before to our expanding network of destinations and to meet this demand, we are updating our 777 cabins to bring us into line with many of our competitors and allow us to offer even more low fares.”
BA are not the first airline to include ten seats per row, but they will not be updating its cabins with new toilets.
The increase in passenger numbers will mean that there is one toilet for every 30 passengers. At it stands there are one for every 25.
This is the latest change made by British Airways after the airline stated that it would no longer provide a complimentary drink and snach.