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Pilot awarded nearly 400k for avoiding flight delay and saving hundreds of lives

Monday, November 14, 2016

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China: As a pilot, depending on who you work for the salary will differ. One pilot got a bit more in his pay packet than he was expecting. The pilot in question managed to avoid a head-on collision with another aircraft and a series of lengthy flight delays as well. Win, win.
After an incident in China, a pilot was handed a reward of almost 400,000 due to him saving the lives of over 400 passengers.
Pilot He Cha avoided a head-on collision with an incoming aircraft on the runway. The quick-thinking pilot managed to get his aircraft high enough to avoid colliding with the inbound plane.
As it stands, there is an ongoing investigation to ascertain how the incident happened. It is largely believed to have happened due to a lack of communication between air traffic controllers. Two air traffic controls have had their license revoked and 13 other air traffic staff are currently under investigation.
The heroic pilot’s aircraft was travelling at 149 mph according to China Eastern Airlines when it avoided the other aircraft by just 19 metres.
He Cha was later awarded the lump sum of cash at an award ceremony. He was not the only one to be awarded cash, with hall cabin and crew members on the flight awarded 77,000 each.
Passengers on the plane and waiting at the airport were happy that they were both alive and on time.